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Healthy Eating for an Active Summer Jun 24, 2019

While summer can be synonymous with lazy days and sun-soaked afternoons, it’s also peak season to get outside and enjoy all of the warm weather activities that we’ve been dreaming about all winter! For many people, summer is one of the most active times of the year—whether you’re setting off on a weekend getaway with friends and family, spending the day at the beach with the kids, or taking the dogs on an epic hike.

Give Peas a Chance: The Benefits of Including Pea Protein in Your Diet May 3, 2019

You may have heard the buzz about pea protein lately, as one of the new trending plant-based proteins—and with good reason! Pea protein is extracted from yellow “field peas”, also known as “split peas”, through a process that involves milling the peas into a fine powder, mixing the powder with water, and then separating out the proteins from the starches and fibres until a concentrated protein product remains. Pretty cool, right?