Then look no further than DREAM Ultimate™, our unique line of rich and creamy plant-based beverages. DREAM Ultimate™ is made for those who want more – more goodness, more protein, more indulgence and more flavour.

Our beverages are designed to give you more choice. You can use them in your smoothies, overnight oats and baking - or simply pour yourself a tall, delicious glass. DREAM Ultimate™ is plant-based, dairy-free and gluten-free.

Find us in the refrigerated non-dairy section at the grocery store today.

2x MORE Almonds*

DREAM Ultimate™ Almond Original and Unsweetened

*Than our Almond DREAM Beverages.

50% MORE coconut cream*

DREAM Ultimate™ Coconut Original

*Than our Coconut DREAM™ Beverages.

2x MORE nuts*

DREAM Ultimate™ Three Nut Original 

*Than DREAM blends™ Almond, Cashew & Hazelnut Original Beverage.

MORE protein*

DREAM Ultimate™ Pea Protein Original

*8g of protein per 250mL serving / Good source of protein.